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Two Models FCX 22 and FCX 30

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Operates efficiently on #1 or #2 fuel oil
  • Great for use in Arctic conditions
  • Designed and manufactured by Geminox for residential use


  • Tim says, "The FCX significantly outperforms every boiler I have installed. In similar time frames in the winter of 2012, the Buderus used an average 6.89 GPD, the Viessmann 5.88 GPD, and the FCX 4.27 GPD. This calculates to a savings advantage of 1.61 GPD over the Viessmann and a 2.62 GPD over the Buderus. Not only that, percentage-wise, the Viessmann used 38% more fuel than the FCX, and the Buderus used over 60% more fuel than the FCX..."

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  • Michael says, "I would like to update you on the performance of our Monitor [FCX] condensing boiler. In summary, over a nine-year period we burned an average of 1,405 gallons per year, that was pre-installation of the Monitor [FCX]. Post-installation of the boiler, over a 4.2-year period, our annual average fuel consumption was 966 gallons/year."

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  • Bob says "The efficient technology through condensing made for significant savings of about 40%, and the built-in versatility of producing two temperatures of water allows using multiple heat emitters while greatly simplify installation. Also, having eliminated stack dampers in both locations I am no longer sucking hot air up the chimney when idle. I highly recommend this boiler."

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