FCX Boiler Reviews

Proof Positive Boiler Comparisons / Savings

Tim Sonnenberg, owner of TS Construction, believes the only way to really compare efficiency is to simultaneously install boilers in identical structures in similar places. This he has done using the FCX, Viessmann, and Buderus. All three are duplexes of about 3700 to 3800 SF structures. The results:

Tim says, “The FCX significantly outperforms every boiler I have installed. In similar time frames in the winter of 2012, the Buderus used an average 6.89 GPD, the Viessmann 5.88 GPD, and the FCX 4.27 GPD. This calculates to a savings advantage of 1.61 GPD over the Viessmann and a 2.62 GPD over the Buderus. Not only that, percentage-wise, the Viessmann used 38% more fuel than the FCX, and the Buderus used over 60% more fuel than the FCX.

The results in my shop are as good. Even when I expanded my shop by 1,400 SF, with 16-foot walls to 6,000 SF, the replacing my existing boiler reduced my fuel consumption by 19%.

Additionally, the simplicity of installation due to built-in features and inexpensive zero clearance plastic for the stack, drastically reduce labor, making this the most competitive choice. Based on fuel savings I am considering removing my other boilers and replacing them with FCX’s”

Michael Lamb, homeowner, Borough Chief Financial Officer FNSB, and meticulous keeper of records says:

“I would like to update you on the performance of our Monitor [FCX] condensing boiler. In summary, over a nine-year period we burned an average of 1,405 gallons per year, that was pre-installation of the Monitor [FCX]. Post-installation of the boiler, over a 4.2-year period, our annual average fuel consumption was 966 gallons/year.

This equates to an average of 439 gallons per year savings, or, a 31 .2% savings. Over this same 4.2-year timeperiod, our average cost per gallon of heating fuel was $3. 1 5/gallon, for an average savings of $1,384 per year!”

Jim says:

“The Monitor has worked flawlessly and we have reduced the amount of fuel we purchase by almost a third, we are pleased.”

Dennis Price, owner of Salcha Electric has installed 5 FCX’s and corresponding DHW tanks since 2006, in his own home, his 2 sons homes, his shop, and at Salcha Fire and Rescue.

He says, “The FCX boiler is unquestionably the most efficient and simplest to install boiler I have ever worked with. In my home I have realized a fuel savings of nearly 50%. You can contact me at 378-0979 if you have any questions about my installations.”

Bob Tsigonis, owner of Lifewater Engineering Company installed his first FCX in 2005 in his shop. In 2008 he moved to a new location relocating the FCX and installing another in tandem in his new shop. He is currently heating about 8,000 SF of shop, office, and an apartment. This tandem installation consists of radiant, baseboard, and DHW. Just recently he installed a FCX 30 in his 4,000 SF home using radiant, baseboard, forced air, unit heaters, and DHW.

Bob says “The efficient technology through condensing made for significant savings of about 40%, and the built-in versatility of producing two temperatures of water allows using multiple heat emitters while greatly simplify installation. Also, having eliminated stack dampers in both locations I am no longer sucking hot air up the chimney when idle. I highly recommend this boiler.”